Expert FEMALE Coding Trainer

Job title: Expert FEMALE Coding Trainer

Company: Sharp HRD Services Private Limited

Job description: Excellent requirement for Female Coding teacher Responsibilities Conduct classes in Coding for Grade 1-12 students. Be available physically at school daily and be flexible to take classes based on school’s schedule

Follow all disciplinary guidelines given by School and maintain a strong working relationship with the students and staff Manage classes carefully to ensure all students are learning in a safe, constructive environment. Focus on concept clarification of the students. Spend a few hours daily to prepare for upcoming lessons – all content will be provided. Clear all assessments before showing up in class Demonstrate academic competence in coding and invest time in training to stay updated with the curriculum. Facilitate problem-solving with a curious mind and critical thinking skills to teach students with all skills. Participate in parent-trainer meetings and communication. Maintain discipline aligned with the school. Learner’s mindset is essential & attendance training at regular time intervals is mandatory Work Hours & Benefits Working hours will be according to the school timings. Weekly offs & Holidays will be decided by the school. trainers will be expected to follow the rules and regulations shared by the school. Classes will be in person, physically done, in the Computer

Expected salary: Rs.320000 – 430000 per year

Location: Rajpura, Punjab – Pathankot, Punjab

Job date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 22:53:17 GMT

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