Become an Instructor

Students in class on time, spending longer learning and handing their homework in when it’s due – the obvious ones, but these aren’t the only ways My Study Life helps increase attainment.

Training institutes can use the online Assessment Process to guide their students while preparing for various exams.

Benefits to become instructor

  • 1 Make Online Courses.

    You can make online courses.You can make any type of courses video,text,audio with descriptions.You are able to controller time of course,marks of exam.You can give student certificate after completion of course.You can take online classes of the students.

  • 2 Online Quiz

    You can make online quiz and take exam of your student.You can make any type of quiz and question.After exam you can give the student certificate.

  • 3 Your Institute Branding

    On your profile mention your school and institute name.Your institute,School,College Branding goes to next level.This is give you marketing goal.

  • 4 Your Personal branding.

    You can give some courses.Your courses study by lot of student.This will give you fame.This is very important of your personal branding.

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