Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board – Manager – Skill Development/Social Sector Interventions

Job title: Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board – Manager – Skill Development/Social Sector Interventions


Job description: Manager – Skill Development/Social Sector Interventions

Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board
Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis:

– Understand the policies, regulatory and legislative environment governing impact investments & social investments in the country, state and other relevant competing states.

– Compile the key macroeconomic and development indicators of the state and do a cross-state comparative analysis and suggest measures to improve these indicators, specifically through instruments of fiscal policy. Assist in setting up necessary systems to track, analyze, and generate actionable intelligence from these indicators.

– Study and assess the state of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the state using the triple helix model of University-Industry-Government Relations and their most competitive sectors

– Understand various initiatives under – Navratnalu- in Sustainable development goals framework and estimate the social return on investment, quality of human capital formation and overall economic development.

– Study the existing industrial infrastructure, identify & appropriate partnerships in fulfilment of Skills University – Skills Colleges and R&D Centers.

– Perform a comparative analysis of the working of funds that focus on impact – project development, investment facilitation, capacity building, viability gap funding, innovation fund etc., from related bodies across the country and abroad.

– Present an overview and analysis, benchmarking policy initiatives, incentives, CSR, understand clusters of SMEs, synergies and linkages for livelihood security, key segments and verticals including growth drivers.

– Understand the main problems in generating impact investments, impact delivery and self-sufficiency of social interventions.

– Draw insights and compile reports by multilateral agencies, advisories, consultancies, annual reports, reports from centre and state, corporate presentations and investor presentations for knowledge management.

– Research and compile G.O.s relevant to sectors and projects in Andhra Pradesh.

– Create regular dossiers on sectors, companies, and competing states on expansion plans, growth clusters, events, investments, meetings, and policy-related interventions.

– Roll out quarterly reports capturing a comprehensive picture of Social Impact initiatives, budget expended analysis, and impact.

Promotion of Partnerships:

Stakeholder engagement & Lead generation

– Draw a stakeholder engagement calendar for building robust and sustainable relations across the key and critical stakeholder value chain. The stakeholder engagement calendar should also indicate the timelines for meeting them with clear defined objectives.

– Assist in conducting, managing and curating events, roadshows, conferences in the state and abroad.

– Initiate sustained outreach with collaborators, influencers, investors and partners.

– Facilitate key one-one meetings with CEOs & initiate CEO round tables in select cities across India.

– Create customized pitches to stakeholders for collaboration.

– Participate in conferences, roadshows, events for building sustainable networks for generating leads. Generate speaking opportunities for relevant officials of the government of Andhra Pradesh.

– Constantly generate leads and proposals from potential investors and monitor progress for leads and proposals generated.

– Develop a planned calendar of conferences, events, roadshows, trade shows based on sector, state and country focus for engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholder and Investment Mapping:

– Map the critical stakeholder universe relevant to your sector in Andhra Pradesh (Companies in India and abroad with highest CSR & R&D Expenditure, trade associations, industry bodies, departments in centre and state, pro-industry groups, multilateral organizations and media).

– Develop comprehensive data points required by clients for deciding to invest in current impact initiatives or new towards sustainable & inclusive development.

– Identify list of prospective states and countries that are relevant to your sector and state.

– Identify which stakeholder is meeting Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Secretaries of Centre and State. Be up to date with all the meetings.

Relationship management:

– Build and sustain key client relationships and build long standing partnerships and collaborations by being a bridge between stakeholders and government.

– Conceptualize, plan and organize stakeholder meetings, consultations and one-one meetings with relevant stakeholders of the government of Andhra Pradesh.

– Build sustainable relationships with ministers, secretaries, district collectors, zonal managers and respective line departments & their consultants for seamlessly facilitate investments & CSR into Andhra Pradesh.

Project Facilitation:

– Review proposals, financial models, project and financial structuring, and make necessary recommendations, as deem fit, to relevant departments.

– Facilitate potential investors and guide them through the process of grounding projects in Andhra Pradesh.

– Develop a list and timeline for permits, licenses, clearances required for establishing a unit in your state and country to support investors.

Marketing, Communication and Thought Leadership:
– Map media across dailies, financial dailies, magazines and journals for intelligence relating to investments, partnerships, trade and collaborations

– Be responsible for maintaining and updating critical content for the website and newsletters

– Be responsible for disseminating information through media, social media and the website.

– Communicating and positioning Andhra Pradesh and its USPs through articles, op-eds, quotes and other relevant marketing collateral.

– Disseminating information on initiatives, growth engines, activities and investment committed to diffused stakeholders across India and abroad.

– Develop, update and create marketing collateral on a consistent and systematic basis.

Review, Monitoring, Learning and Development:

– Collaborate with CEOs office, respective departments and teams for seamlessly functioning and symmetric flow of information.

– Update the leads generated in tracker and monitor progress through weekly reviews and updates.

– Participate in various training and development sessions.

Women-friendly workplace:

Maternity and Paternity Benefits

Expected salary:

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Job date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 07:59:48 GMT

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